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Boats used for testing the OXE Diesel


We have received several requests about what boats we are using when testing the OXE Diesel engines.

As OXE Diesel are designed for commercial use we have mainly tested them on boats designed for them, workboats. As the tests cycle for the engines are though we need the boats that we test them on to be tough, safe and virtually indestructible. They have to be reliable in all sorts of rough conditions. For most testing we use Tideman boats, as they meet our high demands on endurance, reliability, power and control.
In testing is among other boats a RBB 800 OB, built for patrol and support operations. We use it for testing single installation OXE Diesel up to 250hp.

Specifics: Brand: Tideman Boats, LH: 7m LOA: 7.7m, BOA 2.5m, Weight 1700kg and Payload 800kg.
We are very impressed by the endurance of the hull and even if we have punished it hard through our test cycles for several years it still performs as new.

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Paul Frick
Paul Frick