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Chris Ponnwitz, marketing specialist for OXE distributor Mack Boring presents the OXE Diesel 150 for Jeff Moser @Power & Motoryacht.


The test was performed in a  21-foot Highfield 660 RIB with a 150-hp OXE diesel outboard on its transom, the first oil-burning outboard to meet EPA Tier 3 emissions standards in the U.S. 

The first thing the Jeff Moser noticed was the size. The cowling is wider than a comparably powered outboard because the diesel is mounted horizontally, not vertically. Also unlike gas outboards, it utilizes a belt-drive system reportedly more durable than bevel gears and allows for the diesel’s increased torque to be transferred more efficiently to the prop.

Visit Power & Motoryachts page linked below for full article. 

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Paul Frick
Paul Frick