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The importance of power


The majority of boats of today have a large consumption of electricity. This is due to that we bring much power-consuming equipment on board. Chart plotter, radar, cabin and deck lighting, refrigerator, pressurized water pump, cabin-heat, stereo, inverter, and more require power to operate. 

For the professional user, there may be even more power-intensive and sensitive equipment mounted, which increases the demand on the battery pack and alternator capacity of the engines. Therefore, the OXE Diesel 125 to 200 hp are equipped with alternators of 130 Amp as standard. In comparison, leisure products offer alternators of 20 Amp to 60 Amp.

As the OXE Diesel has a closed coolant system the end-user can withdraw heat from the engine to increase cabin comfort without having to use electrical heating which allows for the electricity produced to be used for other applications.   

For the OXE 300, we have increased the alternator capacity from 130 to 180 Amps to produce the power needed when the boat and its equipment are used.

About OXE Marine AB

At OXE Marine we are driven by the ambition to transform the outboard motor; impacting the journey towards a more sustainable and ecologically positive marine environment. We are passionate, knowledgeable, and reliable. Passionate to commit to innovation and excellence, knowledgeable to recruit and retain high-quality personnel, and reliable to commit to supplying safe, durable, and reliable products and services and to openness and fairness with all our stakeholders. OXE Marine believes in a strong collaborative approach between our teams and partners while being daring and persistent in our passion for excellence. OXE Marine was founded in 2012, and is the company behind a patented outboard transmission, enabling the use of high torque diesel engines on outboard systems and in sterndrive solutions.


Paul Frick
Paul Frick