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What did you think about the OXE?


Cimco Marine attended Seawork last week. It was, and always is, a successful exhibition where we got to meet existing and future OXE Diesel customers.

Seawork visitors also got the opportunity to experience the world’s first high power diesel outboard – OXE Diesel – at the show, through boat rides that our UK distributor Proteum were arranging.

Find out what founders and directors of leading boat manufactures and marine component distributors thought about the OXE, after they had gone for a boat ride with the Cheetah Catamaran, with twin OXE engines installed.

Mike Blocher, Director of Sales at North River Boats 

Mike Blocher is Director of Sales at North River Boats, one of the largest heavy-gauge aluminum boat manufacturers in the United States. They have a diversified customer list which includes the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard. Mike was impressed by several reliable features of the OXE engine.

I really liked it – the functionality is really nice. There are several features that I like about the OXE engine. The `slipping clutch´ if you wish, the ability to have a crash stop and to put it directly into reverse in an emergency, low speed maneuverability. Also, the control system – Seastar steering, Optimus controls and the joystick control  are all very reliable. We have it on several of our boats and so we are very familiar with it. Also, the ability to fit an additional heating system (crew compartment) … I think it is a win and can’t wait to try one too, said Mike Blocher, Director of Sales North River Boats.

Sean Strevens, Founder and partner of Cheetah Marine

Sean Strevens is founder of Cheetah Marine and the architect behind the original Cheetah Catamaran that was designed back in 1989. They have been using the OXE for a while, and noticed an increased interest of their boats when having OXE engines installed. 

So far we have had the OXE on a pair of our boats for about six months and they are running very well – very fuel efficient and surprisingly quiet as well. I think that probably the most impressive thing is the mid-range pick up – the acceleration from a two liter diesel is pretty impressive. From our point of view, it is a pathway – it fits what we do and it fits our boats very well and gives us a market for the first high power diesel outboard. The interest at Seawork has been really great and I think that the more OXEs that we manage to get on our boats, the more popular they will become, said Sean Strevens of Cheetah Marine.

Paul Hollander, Founder of Ribtact

Paul Hollander is the founder of Ribtact, based in The Netherlands. Ribtact is a rib boat builder and specialist, and they also offers construction support and training. Paul thinks the OXE Diesel is filling a big gap on the marine market.

What I like best is the belt drive system and the clutch that Cimco has invented. It is very appealing because all of the regular legs are very sensitive to vibration. The OXE is a well done concept and you have been tinkering long enough to make it worthwhile - the whole shape of the engine and the general picture is really great. I think that it is filling a big gap on the marine market, said Paul Hollander, Founder of Ribtact.

CJ Jeon, CMO at JMP Networks 

CJ Jeon is CMO at JMP Networks, an experienced marine component distributor and is the reliable service distributor of the OXE Diesel on the Korean market.

We at JMP are so proud of ourselves to be a part of OXE and Cimco, and we are very, very happy to introduce the first 200hp diesel outboard engines to the Korean market. Our customers in Korea are definitely happy with the OXE engines on the commercial side. but also the governmental side who need serious, durable, reliable engines, said CJ Jeon, CMO JMP Networks.

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Paul Frick
Paul Frick