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EU Research & Innovation Magazine: "Cimco Marine is among the first to reach across this disciplinary divide."


Transport is responsible for around a quarter of all EU greenhouse gas emissions and is the only sector in the EU to have higher levels in 2012 than in 1990. The European Commission is working to reduce transport emissions.

Cimco is mentioned the EU Research & Innovation Magazine, and how the OXE Diesel is one of the technologies that are helping bring diesel pollution down to record-breaking lows.

Quote from the article in EU Research & Innovation Magazine:

The Swedish start-up CIMCO Marine is among the first to reach across this disciplinary divide. In recent years, the company has developed a technology called OXE-Diesel that combines a diesel car engine with marine propellers to produce an uncommonly robust, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly outboard.

‘Most small watercraft are propelled by petrol engines based on 1940s technology,’ said Pim Polesie, vice president of the company. ‘We found that, with the right engineering, a diesel engine could do a better job for a fraction of the fuel.’

According to CIMCO Marine, regulated diesel engines from the automotive industry emit less greenhouse gas than marine outboards and could reduce the air pollutants that they release by a factor of 50. They also present lower fire hazards, higher torque and substantially longer lifetimes.

This year, the first OXE-Diesel prototype has attracted the attention of vessel operators interested in engine durability, such as law enforcement services and rescue operations. EU funding has allowed CIMCO Marine to perform a full feasibility study and Polesie expects that, by 2020, the company will be supplying one in every ten outboards sold worldwide in the commercial-scale market.

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Paul Frick
Paul Frick