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OXE Marine spoke to Stellan Skeppargård, head of the SSRS station in Höganäs.


An OXE Diesel's reliability and endurance are perfect for search and rescue operations, as the missions often demand both speed and strength to safely carry through. The Swedish Sea Rescue Society in Höganäs uses an OXE200 on their 6 m open boat. Sjöräddningssällskapet has over 70 stations located in Sweden, manning boats of different sizes. The society has more than 2000 volunteers, who assist in search and rescue missions along the Swedish shorelines and lakes.

“[...] we think that diesel engines are favourable because they are safer and more reliable, given the environment we work in. We can’t help others if we are not safe ourselves. Furthermore, we have families who want us to come back home from our missions, which is why we need to be able to trust in our equipment, engines and gear. The goal is for us to come back in one piece." Says Stellan Skeppargård, head of the SSRS station in Höganäs

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Paul Frick
Paul Frick