2023-03-13 11:47News

OXE300 Powering Innovative Amphibious Crew Transfer Vessel

Commercial Rib and RWE unveil world-first amphibious offshore wind farm crew transfer vessel, now ready for commercial rollout. 

In early January, the CRC Walrus embarked on its inaugural voyage, and the outcomes have been encouraging, with the vessel attaining speeds of 24 knots on water and 6kmh on land. This 12-meter vessel has the capacity to carry 1000kg of cargo and transport ten technicians and two crew members to any of the turbines within the Scroby Sands array, including those on the raised sandbank, in a secure manner.

Read the full press release here: https://www.rwe.com/en/press/rwe-renewables/2023-03-08-rwe-and-commercial-rib-unveil-first-official-look-at-innovative-amphibious-crew-/

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