2020-02-09 19:44News

Potential ban on older two strokes outboard in Sweden could lead to that 750,000 seaworthy recreational boats need to replace engines.


Today there are more than 750,000 seaworthy recreational boats in Sweden. Every third boat engine in a recreational boat is 25 years or older. The old two-stroke engines often last a long time and require little maintenance, says Lina Petersson. But for the Swedish Transport Agency, the old two-stroke engines are environmental hazards, as 30 per cent of the fuel goes unburned right into the water. The campaign will run in 2020 with information to boat owners. The campaign will then be evaluated to see what effect it has had on, for example, the use of two-stroke engines. - We notice that we do not get any hearing at all, so we may have to review if any stronger action is needed. If you even need a premium or a ban, says Lina Petersson.

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Paul Frick
Paul Frick