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Cimco Marine AB provides optional wireless kill-switch and ignition system from Nordic Wireless Solution AS for increased user safety for the full OXE Diesel product range


There are many similarities between the mindsets of Nordic Wireless Solutions AS (CoastKey) and Cimco Marine AB (OXE Diesel). For both companies Safety and Security for the users are deeply imbedded in product development culture and prioritized in everything they do and in products supplied to the market. Cimco Marine AB has throughout the development of the OXE Diesel ensured that the CoastKey solution fit seamlessly to their products, to offer further user safety. The collaboration has resulted in the OXE COASTKEY SYSTEM that is now offered as an option to all OXE Diesel users.

“It has been our honor to be associated with Cimco Marine AB since the release of their first diesel outboard engine in 2016.We started our company with the same values we see in Cimco, namely safety, innovation, security and reliability. Both companies are leaders in their fields, and we look forward to growing our relationship”. Jarle Morch CEO of Nordic Wireless Solutions AS

Nordic Wireless Solutions product CoastKey is an innovative Keyless ignition system for the marine sector. Keyless starting of the engine(s) (up to 4) is performed using a changeable specific PIN code. The feature was originally developed for yacht tenders where the keys are easily misplaced due to large crews on the yacht. The OXE COASTKEY SYSTEM is available for the entire OXE diesel range but the match between OXE Diesel Kreta (specifically developed for yacht tenders) and CoastKey stands out. After the successful USA launch of the OXE Diesel Kreta at the Miami Boat Show 2019 by OXE Diesel distributor Laborde Products, requests for OXE COASTKEY SYSTEMS has increased significantly and are now made available as an option for the entire OXE Diesel range.

The CoastKey FOB performs a crucial function by acting as a wireless engine kill switch. When worn by the captain, it switches off the engine(s) within two seconds if he/she falls overboard.Traditional engine kill-switches require the captain to be tethered to the helm which is not always a reality for commercial applications such as fishing, eco-tourism or governmental. CoastKey provides a wireless connection, so that the captain doesn’t have to choose between comfort, freedom and safety while being in control of the vessel.

“The OXE COASTKEY SYSTEM is a great option for the OXE Diesel range. By allowing wireless starting and most importantly, wireless kill switch, customers are given increased freedom and safety when operating their boats. A function that has proven to be highly valued for our commercial users”. Christer Flodman, Product Manager OXE Diesel range, Cimco Marine AB.

Since CoastKey is a modular system, a remote start feature can easily be added. Additional wireless functions can also be added such as tilt, anchor windlass, thruster controls and more. The OXE Diesel range has been developed with the functionality of optional CoastKey system in mind, increasing user safety. Now OXE COASTKEY SYSTEM becomes an available option for all OXE Diesel customers.

For more information join Nordic Wireless Solutions at SJØEN FOR ALLE 20-24 March, stand B01–13a.

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Paul Frick
Paul Frick