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Cimco Marine Delivers World's First High Power Diesel Outboard


The world’s first high power diesel outboard OXE is ready for operational use. Cimco Marine, the company behind the diesel outboard, has delivered its first engines to Norwegian Hurtigruten. It is a major milestone for Cimco after four years of thorough development, testing and validation, as well as a historical move for the maritime industry.

In 2012 Cimco Marine started to design the first generation high performance diesel outboard. The patented technology has enabled Cimco to develop, and now deliver, a robust drive unit that effectively transfers high torque from diesel engines. In March 2016 Hurtigruten accepted their first order of 15 engines through Cimco’s Norwegian distributor Link Norge AS, for use in Antarctica.

The OXE is an ideal solution for naval, military, rescue and commercial applications where safety, durability, performance and ease of service is important. Hurtigruten represents a respected trademark in the worldwide cruise market, essentially known for their trips across the Norwegian coastline described as “The World's Most Beautiful Sea Voyage”. They offer explorer voyages in Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland, Spitsbergen and across the Transatlantic.

“We are honored to supply Hurtigruten with 15 OXE Diesel outboards. The engine’s key benefits – less flammable, easy accessible service points and more fuel-efficient – is perfectly suited for their Antarctic cruises.” says Per Wikheim, CEO at Link Norge AS. “Hurtigruten operates in various extreme environments, which makes them a perfect reference customer. With this delivery we have a fantastic journey ahead of us. It is a historical move for the future of diesel outboards. “

The delivered OXE engines will be installed on tender boats that operate with MS Midnatsol and its Antarctic cruises. One of the vessel’s first stops is the 18-day exploring voyage along the Chilean coast and Antarctica.

“Hurtigruten was specifically looking for a diesel-driven outboard, since it is less flammable and more fuel-efficient. We thoroughly compared various diesel outboard alternatives before we decided to go with the belt-driven OXE engine. We value its reliability, longer life cycle and easy accessible service points. It is crucial for us to have an outboard engine that can operate 8 hours a day and in various extreme environments.”, says Karin Strand, Field Operations and Expedition Teams Manager at MS Midnatsol, Hurtigruten. “The OXE was a relatively new product when we proceeded with our first order, but we felt comfortable with our choice. We truly believe in this product.”

With this historical delivery Cimco Marine now sets course towards full production speed. The work with implementing organizational changes and expanding its distribution network also continues.

Magnus Folin, CEO at Cimco Marine, says: “Thanks to great effort and thorough work by our staff, and support from our established distribution network, we have delivered the world’s first high power diesel outboard. We look forward to distribute the remaining engines of this pre-production, and commence full production speed according to our forecast, later this year. The fact that Hurtigruten has chosen OXE proves that it is a product that can be trusted regards to safety, durability, performance and ease of maintenance."

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Paul Frick
Paul Frick