2016-11-23 10:50Press release

OXE Diesel – First Diesel Outboard Approved by EPA Tier 3


Cimco Marine is pleased to announce that its diesel outboard OXE has been approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The OXE is the first diesel outboard engine approved by EPA Tier 3, for commercial use.

The mission of EPA is to protect human health and to safeguard the natural environment - air, water and land - upon which life depends. With the right engineering Cimco managed to develop and supply the maritime industry with an uncommonly robust, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly outboard.

“OXE is the first EPA approved CI diesel outboard on the market. We are excited to be at the forefront of developing new technologies and leading the global outboard market to new emission levels” says Christer Flodman, R&D Technical Manager at Cimco Marine. “That’s one small step for OXE, one giant leap for outboard emissions”

“It is very important in this new market segment to have OXE receive the first EPA Tier III commercial certification for diesel outboards as production of these new motors begins,” says Tim A. Hess, President at Cascade Engine Center – OXE distributor on the U.S. west coast, in western Canada and western Mexico. “The demand for a reliable diesel alternative (outboards) to inboard diesel engines is extremely high as many customers buying gas outboards as an alternative would like longer engine life, more load capacity and greater fuel economy. The customer base for diesel outboards spans the entire commercial market from patrol craft, crew boats, water taxis, work boats, governmental and military vessels, fishing boats, etc.”

The EPA certification strengthens Cimco's dedication to provide a sustainable and fuel-efficient diesel outboard. The OXE is a well proven diesel engine inherently more efficient than gasoline engines contributing to low fuel consumption. It consumes 42% less fuel than a comparable modern 200hp 2-stroke outboard. 

About OXE Marine AB

At OXE Marine we are driven by the ambition to transform the outboard motor; impacting the journey towards a more sustainable and ecologically positive marine environment. We are passionate, knowledgeable, and reliable. Passionate to commit to innovation and excellence, knowledgeable to recruit and retain high-quality personnel, and reliable to commit to supplying safe, durable, and reliable products and services and to openness and fairness with all our stakeholders. OXE Marine believes in a strong collaborative approach between our teams and partners while being daring and persistent in our passion for excellence. OXE Marine was founded in 2012, and is the company behind a patented outboard transmission, enabling the use of high torque diesel engines on outboard systems and in sterndrive solutions.


Paul Frick
Paul Frick