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Respected Volvo Penta Engineer as Cimco's New Board Member


Cimco Broadens Their Expertise When the OXE Diesel Enters Production

Ängelholm, Sweden – May 2, 2016 – Cimco Marine, the company behind the world’s first high power diesel outboard engine OXE Diesel, announces Lars Ljungqvist, former SVP for Planning, Product Development and Purchasing at Volvo Penta, as their new board member. Lars’ proven expertise in leading large-scale product developments at Volvo Penta, will be valuable for Cimco when the OXE Diesel enters production.

Lars just recently retired from Volvo Penta and joined Cimco’s Board of Directors on April 1st. Lars has more or less spent his entire professional career at Volvo Penta – one of the most successful companies within the marine industry. He has played a key role in Volvo Penta’s development of new products, and has proven track record of tackling challenges that come with releasing new products to the marine market.

”I have had the privilege to lead the development of products that are world-leading today, and I believe my background will be valuable for the journey Cimco has started with the OXE Diesel.”, said Lars Ljungqvist.

Cimco Marine started the development of OXE Diesel in 2012 – the world’s first high performance diesel outboard engine – and it is now ready for production. The OXE Diesel has been on Lars’ radar for the last couple of years and he is impressed by how far Cimco has come.

“One of my responsibilities at Volvo Penta was to keep track of product developments, and the OXE Diesel has been on my radar since the start. It’s obvious that the marine market needs a diesel outboard, and it is fascinating to see how far Cimco has come. The timing couldn’t be better.”, said Lars Ljungqvist.

Cimco is now implementing several organizational changes, to prepare themselves for the demands that arise with the production phase they are entering. Lars’ solid background from the marine industry and his experiences from leading successful development processes at Volvo Penta will be beneficial for Cimco.

“Lars has extraordinary expertise within the marine industry, and we are delighted that he is joining Cimco’s Board of Directors,” said Andreas Blomdahl, Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Cimco Marine.

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Paul Frick
Paul Frick