OXE Hybrid 450

Introducing the OXE Hybrid 450, the world’s first diesel-electric hybrid outboard. Technology, available today, to transition demanding users into the future. The OXE Hybrid, OXE Marine's latest concept engine, was introduced during Miami International Boat Show 2023, for select media and marine industry stakeholders. The OXE Hybrid 450 concept motor is the world’s first patented high-power diesel-electric outboard motor, and is based on OXE Marine's leading diesel outboard technology and offers all the benefits of a fully electric propulsion system – full electric drive, increased fuel savings and additional range and power when needed. The batteries can be charged during operation guaranteeing availability of the extra electric energy when and where you want to use it. The OXE Hybrid 450 is at this stage a concept engine, and will be subjected to rigorous testing and further development during the spring and summer of 2023. We do however expect great interest in this product from the market as we have already seen big interest from boat manufacturers, e.g. the Nimbus Group which will start running field tests of the engine later this spring. Our current plan is to start series production of the OXE Hybrid 450 during the 2nd half of 2023.